Is a slope challenging the use of your Madison WI property? A well-designed retaining wall controls slopes and provides an excellent backdrop for landscaping. Well-engineered walls redirect run-off, protect your home from floods and reduce erosion.

Hardscape wall-building materials come in a variety of sizes, shapes and textures. Interlocking concrete pavers are popular for seamless looks while natural stone provides a classic, timeless look. Natural, dry-stack stone walls are best suited as accents on fairly level ground. Walls like this are ideal for separating areas of differing use around your property. Installing an appropriate wall combines form and design. Stone, brick and paver walls work hard and look good. Used to separate use areas they turn static yards into recreation areas and comfortable retreats.

Would adding terraces or walls upgrade your property?  Increasing the enjoyment of the yard while solving a problem or two at the same time? These additions provide a unique look and feel to the right installation. Benefits include:

  • Ruggedly defining areas within the property
  • Separating garden or activity spaces
  • Providing safer walks and driveways
  • Create useable space from poorly-drained slopes
  • Make a design statement
  • Increase your property value

Add A Stone, Brick Or Paver Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall | Marvins Brick Pavers | Madison WI
A natural stone wall separates terrain on this property and defines useable spaces.

Adding a hardscape wall to your property expands landscaping possibilities. Consider artfully carving out valuable space from previously unused areas creating gardens, fire pit scenes or formal gardens. Brick, stone and paver walls have endless functional benefits for your yard. In addition to the many benefits of terracing and reimagining spaces, they’re all excellent solutions for slope management and drainage control.

What do wall-building materials add to your yard?

  • Support for uneven erosion-prone soil
  • Protection from flooding and erosion
  • Damage to property from flooding, improper use of the space – overrunning a driveway, etc.
  • Opening up space for valuable activities – terraces are useable, steep slopes are not.
  • Directing traffic – around gardens, patios, fire pits, etc.

Plan The Addition Of A Wall

Retaining Wall | Marvins Brick Pavers | Madison WI
Interlocking paving blocks make for secure and decorative wall installations.

Shape, size and color are the first things most homeowners consider when selecting wall-building materials. But there are technical considerations, too. Soil weight and the pressures behind the wall must be calculated. A mistake can lead to the wall tumbling down when you least expect it.

Natural stone and concrete pavers are top choices for today’s walls. They’re strong. Long-lasting and can provide the look you want – rustic to elegant.

As you make plans it’s good to document the reasons for committing to a major hardscape project. What do you hope to accomplish?

  • Prevent erosion? – the most common reason for building a wall is to correct an erosion problem. If you have uneven terrain the natural movement of wind and water will threaten topsoil. Walls keep soil in place and manage the route of water.
  • Define space? – is your yard wide open and boring? Walls create definition in backyards and out front. They direct the flow of traffic and enclose specific activities like fires and gardens.
  • Provide entertainment space? – walls with built-in seating are ideal to define play areas, patios and fire pits. Low walls don’t obstruct the view while improving the overall enjoyment of the space.
  • Make a statement? – uncontrolled rain water is more than a nuisance. Wouldn’t it be great to add the control you need and make an architectural statement at the same times? Building a stone or paver wall can make your yard the envy of the neighborhood – especially neighbors who share the same sloped terrain.

Make The Most Of Professional Retaining Wall Design

There’s both science and art to creating effective stone or paver walls. It takes skill, experience and specialized tools to create a safe, secure hardscape. Do you have the engineering know-how or the tools for heavy-lifting? What’s the best wall design, a simple, dry stack of classic stone or a complex mix of interlocking pavers? If you’re not positive with all these elements, you may learn the hard way that your estimates were wrong. Is it worth the risk?

Building an attractive, properly-engineered wall represents a large commitment in both time and resources – man-hours, building materials and money.

Led by Marvin Martinez our crews have decades of experience installing and maintaining paver and decorative poured concrete hardscapes, with other amazing driveway paving Madison WI services. Rely upon Marvin’s Brick Pavers know-how to evaluate what you need to enhance your property year-round. Give him a call at 608-630-8855. Or contact him via email.

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Marvin’s skilled professionals routinely create outdoor spaces, combining landscaping with concrete pavers, bricks, stones and decorative poured concrete. Is the slope of your property a challenge? Give us a call to discuss adding a retaining wall to your Madison WI area home.

How Do Retaining Walls Add Value to Your Property