Drab, gray driveways and walks are commonplace but new concrete finishing techniques are putting color and texture into the mix. If your Madison WI driveway is pock-marked from road salt or wear consider boosting your curb appeal with decorative concrete flat work. Dramatic results come from basic components. It takes skill and the eye of an artist. The most common and simplest way to add texture to concrete is a e

Concrete Finishing – An Easy Boost To Curb Appeal

Is a slope challenging the use of your Madison WI property? A well-designed retaining wall controls slopes and provides an excellent backdrop for landscaping. Well-engineered walls redirect run-off, protect your home from floods and reduce erosion. Hardscape wall-building materials come in a variety of sizes, shapes and textures. Interlocking concrete pavers are popular for seamless looks while natural stone provides a classic, timeless look. Natural, dry-stack stone walls are best suited

Add A Retaining Wall – Control Slope, Manage Property

Walkways, driveways, and patios will be covered in snow and ice before long – now’s the time to plan to care for and protect your pavers in winter. We all know it’s coming, right. Nowhere in Madison WI escapes the impact of winter in Wisconsin. Paver creations are all subject to the whims of the freeze/thaw cycle. And, layers of snow, slush, and ice have to be removed to keep family

Plan Now To Protect Pavers In Winter

Advances in decorative concrete finishing puts color, texture and “sizzle” into your Madison WI concrete flat work. As you drive through your neighborhood do you tire of the ribbons of dull gray or black driveways and sidewalks? You’re not alone. You can add an element of personality to your driveway, patio or walks and turn dull to delightful. You get dramatic results with the same basic components. Intriguing, right? The easiest

Decorative Concrete Finishing Replaces Dull With Delightful

When you’re looking for safe, durable and attractive flooring, consider epoxy floors for business applications. These rugged and colorful floors are growing in popularity throughout the Madison WI area. Long known for sprucing up and customizing a home garage or basement, epoxy floors really shine in a business setting – literally! You’re not looking for more challenges to keep your business clean are you? An epoxy floor is very easy to

Epoxy Floors For Business – Hardworking Solutions

Hardscape structures like patios and decks enhance outdoor living. Landscaping hardscapes with plants softens the space, providing color and texture. There’s no better time to get your Madison WI area home ready for outdoor fun. Hardscapes like fire pits, pools, paver patios and retaining walls serve a purpose. Adding to their performance with colorful, low-maintenance plants and décor makes sense, too, doesn’t it? The right blend of hard and soft surfaces

Landscaping Hardscapes – Softening Outdoor Space With Plants

Your front walkway makes a great first impression and all your paver paths move people around with ease. They connect outdoor “rooms” no matter if your Madison WI home features a spacious lawn or postage stamp hideaway. Creative paths and walkways provide separation and definition. At the same time, they connect and unify your outdoor living space. Whether straight or free-flowing a path not only directs the feet, it directs the

Make Connections, Impressions With Paver Paths

If you’re tired of dull, drab gray walks, patios and driveways, combine the hottest trends in hardscape design – stained concrete and stamped concrete. Called a “flat pour” in the industry, standard gray driveways are a “flat bore.” You can dress up your stamped concrete Madison WI area home with a driveway, patio or walk that’s extraordinary. With a couple of added steps you go from dull to dramatic using the

Stamped Concrete Turns Dull To Dramatic

A paver driveway of bricks or concrete pavers is a viable option for Madison WI homes. It boosts curb appeal, impacts period architecture and adds to resale value. Properly installed, pavers are a stable platform for vehicle and foot traffic. Complement your home’s roof color or trim with a driveway of unique colored pavers. garage doors entry The ultimate goal is an installation that looks great, needs little maintenance and performs

A Paver Driveway – An Option In Madison WI

Harsh temperatures, raw winds and snow drifts take a toll on hardscape in winter. That includes all your paver walkways, paver patios and steps plus poured concrete surfaces. Nowhere in Madison WI escapes. Shovels with plastic blades protect pavers while removing snow effectively. When the storm passes the brilliant blue skies and warming sunshine make shoveling more enjoyable  but they contribute to additional concerns. Blowing and drifting snow is one thing.

Extra Care Makes Sense For Hardscape In Winter

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