A paver driveway of bricks or concrete pavers is a viable option for Madison WI homes. It boosts curb appeal, impacts period architecture and adds to resale value. Properly installed, pavers are a stable platform for vehicle and foot traffic. Complement your home’s roof color or trim with a driveway of unique colored pavers. garage doors entry The ultimate goal is an installation that looks great, needs little maintenance and performs

Harsh temperatures, raw winds and snow drifts take a toll on hardscape in winter. That includes all your paver walkways, paver patios and steps plus poured concrete surfaces. Nowhere in Madison WI escapes. Shovels with plastic blades protect pavers while removing snow effectively. When the storm passes the brilliant blue skies and warming sunshine make shoveling more enjoyable  but they contribute to additional concerns. Blowing and drifting snow is one thing.

Building paver planters into your hardscape perfectly blends vibrant colors and soft textures with well-defined spaces. Paver walkways, walls and patios define spaces in ways plants cannot. To create a complete outdoor living space for your Madison WI home mix hard and soft. Hardscapes welcome foot traffic and furniture. Flowers, shrubs and trees soften the space as a perfect buffer. Built-in planters are a great way to deliver a really exceptional

In the backyard of many older homes sits an under-used concrete patio. It has little visual appeal. In a word, it’s boring. You can bring your Madison WI home’s backyard patio into the 21st century by adding hardscape features like walls, fire pits and dedicated cooking space – outdoor kitchens. Concrete is the standard paving material for builder-installed patio areas even today. Just because you have a patio of poured concrete

Your patio kitchen can mimic your indoor space with eating areas and high-end appliances. Building an outdoor kitchen into a backyard hardscape plan is one of the top choices Madison WI homeowners make. Outdoor cooking facilities are an excellent addition to get more enjoyment from your backyard. You have several options from very simple to a high-tech replica of your indoor kitchen. Creating space that fits your family’s lifestyle is the

A professional installation easily blends poured concrete with pavers for an elegant result. Are you wrestling with the choice of decorative concrete and patio pavers to create the perfect outdoor living space? Let’s make the decision easy – mix a flat concrete space with paver accents for the best of both. You want a unique, attractive and durable spot to relax outside your Madison WI home, right?Well there is no doubt

Take on the challenge of moving up and down a slope with ease and style – install a paving stone stairway. When you have contoured landscapes or multiple-level patios adding paver steps improve access to the space. Steps are available in many shapes, sizes and patterns to enhance the appearance of your Madison WI backyard, too. Using pavers, bricks or stones for steps and stairways gives you a nonslip surface that’s

Pathway lighting provides safer passage and adds an artistic touch at the same time. Normally during the day we can not use the yard because it is too sunny and it is not possible to go out like this, in fact two weeks ago we had the pergola blinds melbourne team here installing some blinds to block the sun. When the sun goes down now we can enjoy our outdoor living

Get creative with your hardscape design – you’re not restricted to simple squares or rectangles anymore. With the help of a creative hardscape design you can turn your backyard into an outdoor party room. When you gaze out at your Madison WI home’s backyard, don’t think chores. Think possibilities for fun and relaxation. A professionally designed and installed patio would be a great addition, right? It’s not out of reach. There’s

Your lifestyle, most common use of the space and overall room to work dictates unique applications for a patio layout. There’s no rule saying your patio layout has to be a square- or rectangle-shaped box. And there’s no rule saying it must be created tight up to your Madison WI home. Quite the opposite is not only true, but extremely popular. Hardscape designers are getting creative with shapes, sizes and special

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