Concrete paving is the popular choice among the many options for creating an attractive patio. Why are they so popular in Madison WI and beyond? They come in many colors, shapes, sizes and textures. There’s probably a paver – or combination of pavers – just right for your backyard.

Precast pavers are not only popular for patio designs, they are ideal for walks, retaining walls and hardscape structures like seating areas and fire pits. While not as popular in Wisconsin because of snow removal concerns, they also make attractive, distinctive driveways.

Mixing colors and shapes allows for almost any patio design, shape and size. Mixing pavers adds dimension to small spaces.

Creating With Concrete Pavers

Formed of concrete poured into molds to give them depth and size, concrete cutting services are also use to give them the best shape,   pavers come in a wide range of styles. As you plan a paver patio, walkway or hardscape, consider:

  • Paver thickness – anywhere people will be walking the pavers should be at least 2 inches thick. For a driveway or walkway where you might move riding lawnmowers or other hardware, consider pavers at least 3 inches thick.
  • Size – choosing the right size is a challenge with so many options. Choices range from 2×3-inch rectangles to large 36×24-inch planks.
  • Shapes – Work out the pattern you want and create a field of pavers to complete it by using the best concrete cutting services. Consider multiple sizes and shapes for added interest.
  • Color – color comes from additives in the concrete mix when the paver is cast. Custom colors are available. Many standard colors provide plenty of options. A plan that includes multiple colors adds visual interest – breaking up what can be a monotonous view.
  • Hardness – measured in pounds per square inch (psi) precast concrete pavers are cured to a standard 8,000psi for lasting durability.
  • Heat – paver are rated with a solar reflectance index (SRI) measuring how much heat they absorb or reflect in the sun. A high SRI means they diminish the heat-island effect around your home.
  • Final finish – several finishes are available including sandblasted, grooved, textured and lightly polished.
Concrete Pavers | Marvins Brick Pavers | Madison WI
A combination of paver shapes and sizes plays well with afternoon shadows for a relaxing retreat.

Before you make a final decision, work with your installation professional to review samples of the options you’re considering.

Adding to their versatility, concrete pavers represent sustainable resources. Modular pavers can be reused when a structure changes. With pavers frankston you’ll be able to trust that your patio, fire pit, retaining wall, and raised garden beds will withstand the extreme weather encountered in the area. Pavers and bricks are the top choices for recycling into a new creation.

Evaluate Pros And Cons

Everything has good points and lesser features. Among the benefits of a Concrete Paver Installation are:

  • Availability – a wide range of blocks is available from many sources.
  • Design options – colors, sizes, shapes and finishes to go with whatever design you come up with.
  • Workable solutions – easy to configure for small, large, narrow and unique-shaped spaces.
  • Durability – strong, stand up to Wisconsin weather extremes.
  • Low maintenance – while some benefit from a sealant, there’s little to do beyond removing dirt and litter.
  • Easy to clean – this will depend on how to choose patio cleaning services, since you will need to use a pressure washing machine to remove the mold.

There are a few disadvantages, including:

  • Settling – as the earth beneath them settles, blocks can shift and the surface becomes uneven. When installed by a professional, this isn’t a serious concern and is easily corrected.
  • Fading – in direct sunlight, the colors fade with the wear and tear of time.
  • Custom options – while they are available they can be costly. Fortunately, there are so many standard choices custom designs are rarely a concern.

Two Additional Patio Design Options

There are two more popular choices. Both have their pros and cons. Bricks are popular and similar to paver blocks. Poured and stamped concrete represents the latest techniques in concrete. We also searched online for the cost of electric gates for residential buildings to see if it was going to work on our project.

Classic bricks — bricks are easy to maintain, durable and unique. Bricks come in a standard 4×8-inch size and a few color combinations. The major advantage of bricks over pavers is that bricks don’t lose their color as they age. A natural building material made from clay and shale, they’re durable and reusable – bricks from old buildings are popular for patios. Consider the benefits of a brick patio:

  • Strength – durable and long-lasting
  • Fade-resistant – weather well and don’t fade
  • Low maintenance – keep them clean
  • Versatile – mix and match with other materials
  • Design options – use in traditional squares or unique basket-weave, herringbone and other patterns

Disadvantages to consider include:

  • Colors – there is a limited color range
  • Chipping – square corners can chip under traffic
  • Costs – installation costs are higher than other options
  • Prep work – requires detailed preparation of the site quality results

Poured concrete — unlike the old boring gray square patios today’s concrete features patterns, textures and colors. Concrete finishes include:

  • Exposed aggregate – the top layer of small stones shows through the surface.
  • Scored patterns – a ¼-inch-deep line creates patterns like squares, diamonds, flagstone or stripes; also prevents cracking.
  • Textures – the surface can be textured with small indentations.
  • Stamped – creating many appearances, especially when adding dye for color.

The benefits of poured concrete include:

  • Versatile – suitable for most locations and with new colors and textures makes attractive patios.
  • Affordable
  • Easy to maintain

The drawbacks include:

  • Preparation – requires extensive site preparation for stability and drainage.
  • Time – it needs time to harden and cure with low humidity for best results.
  • Cracking – concrete doesn’t “give” as the soil beneath it settles so it cracks.

Choose A Professional For Concrete Pavers

For the quality and performance you want from a new patio, attention to every detail during installation and site preparation is vital. A professional’s touch makes the difference between an obvious DIY project and a stunning patio. These commercial parking lot paving experts are some of the best in the business. 

Craftsmen with the training and proper tools to do the job stand behind their work. Choosing the right professional to plan and installation your patio is a wise investment. Contact Marvin Martinez at Martin’s Brick Pavers, 608-630-8855 and tap our years of experience, skill and know-how. Create your dream patio with quality concrete pavers to highlight your Madison WI home.