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A fire pit and unique patio extends this home’s outdoor living experience beyond the deck and screened porch.

Planning and incorporating a patio or walkway paver design into your landscape takes skill and foresight; asphalt paving contractor and asphalt paving experts will be doing this work on our yard. With planning and professional experience almost any paver installation is possible. You can provide a new look and purpose to your Madison WI home with a creative design. Fiberglass reinforcing for concrete can be great to make sure the renovations last. Asphalt Color’s specialty color additives turn plain black asphalt into colorful and decorative asphalt for all your hardscape projects, including colored driveway sealer for asphalt, additives are available for both hot mix asphalt and asphalt emulsion sealers.

The asphalt paving creations enhancing landscapes is a rapidly-growing trend. Most homeowners don’t realize what is possible, but that’s not all there is, besides offering landscape paving options we also offer commercial parking lot paving norfolk va.

Avoid Paver Installation Misconceptions

What can do and what can’t they do? With so many opinions and options it is hard to distinguish fact from fiction.Atmos will present the projected impact on streets paved in the last thirty-six months, and hold discussions with Councilmen regarding the cost of re-paving streets damaged during the line replacement project, for future projects they wish to use similar services like the ones concrete pavers provides. Here are the most common myths surrounding paver design and installation:

  • MYTH 1 — Pavers won’t last long in Madison’s weather. Paving stones and brick pavers made from various materials – natural stone, concrete and brick – interlock so they are flexible and resist cracking from deep freezes and extreme heat. Compared to other outdoor building materials like concrete, they are likely to last as much as three times longer.
  • MYTH 2 — Pavers shift and become uneven. Paver base material installed correctly means pavers don’t shift. Creating the right base for a paver installation is a multi-level process. Doing it right requires excavation, grading, installing and compacting the sub-base, adding and compacting the base material, adding sand, installing the stones, creating a border, adding a stone bonding agent and finally compacting the stones.
  • MYTH 3 — Paver Don’t Make Good Pool Decks. Nothing is further from the truth. Pavers provide better traction for foot traffic than concrete even when wet. Pavers don’t get as hot in direct sunlight as other options. Should an underground pipe need replacing or repair, with pavers there is no need to cut up the deck.
  • MYTH 4— Paver Design is limited to few colors. Maybe true years ago, but not today. Pavers are available in dozens of colors and a patio or pool deck can be custom designed. Colors, styles, patterns and textures all combine for unique personal creations that enhance your lifestyle. The most popular colors are earth tones with many looking at combination of grays and moss green. To tie the new installation into your home, professionals suggest bringing the color of the house’s trim or roof into the pavers. Pavers offer more creative options than any other material.
  • MYTH 5 — A paver’s color fades quickly. Paver materials include the color throughout the thickness of the piece. Fading isn’t a problem. Pavers are colored with oxides that are literally “baked.” Unlike textured and colored concrete patios and walks where color is added to cement.
  • MYTH 6 — Pavers are difficult to repair. Wrong again. The interlocking pieces of a paver installation can be replaced one at a time. It’s a lot less expensive than repairing damaged concrete. And, pavers are less likely to be damaged in normal use.

    Paver Design | Paver Installation | Madison WI
    Paver walks and walls add distinction and curb appeal to any home.
  • MYTH 7 — Weeds will grow through the cracks in a pacer walk or patio. Pavers are installed with a heavy-duty base in several layers and have special bonding materials between each piece. All this discourages growth of anything from below. Mother Nature sews seeds via wind and wildlife but the sand is not especially receptive to germination. Professional installation making sure stones are snugged together with no cracks is the key to keep stray plants from the joints. Sealants are also used to keep these seeds from taking hold.
  • MYTH 8—Pavers aren’t strong enough to use as a driveway. Manufacturers have shown that pavers withstand at least 8,000 pounds of pressure per square inch before failing. That’s about four times stronger than poured concrete. Pavers are engineered to transfer load stress over larger areas. They are flexible and distribute weight evenly without cracking. Some paving materials are stronger than others. Work with a professional experienced in the kind of paver installation you want to get the best results.
  • MYTH 9—Paver design and installation is costly. Given the value of high-quality pavers, they are a solid investment. They have a strong ROI, too. Studies show paver patios and walkways add to a home’s resale value. Excellent landscaping increases a home’s value by as much as 15%.
  • MYTH 10 — Anyone can install pavers. Most anybody can install pavers. But only skilled professionals have the tools and experience to do it right. There are many steps in the process the typical homeowner doesn’t grasp. Picking out the color, texture and size is the easy part. There’s also excavation – requiring specialized, often large, equipment. There are permits required. The base material has to be installed correctly. Some pavers are sealed, some are not. The bonding agent between each stone varies with the type of stone. The list of variables is long.

Paver Design Pros Guarantee Success

There are pros and cons related to every hardscape project and many choices to make. There is a lot of “You can do it” pressure from all forms of media and DIY retailers. With the right tools, skills and time you can. But, among the many elements professionals contribute to the project, there’s one you cannot duplicate. Professional craftsmen guarantee their work. If a paver project doesn’t meet your goals, they fix it. If you come up short, you’re on your own again. For the quality and performance you want from a new patio, attention to every detail during installation and site preparation is vital. A professional’s touch makes the difference between an obvious DIY project and a stunning patio. These parking lot striping and parking lot paving experts are some of the best in the business. 

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