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Creative Designs for Patio Pavers

Is your backyard lackluster? Do you currently have a boring, dilapidated cement pad as a patio? At Marvin’s Brick Pavers, we work hard to bring all our potential customers a strong variety of options so that—together—we can work to reimagine what backyards in Wisconsin can be.

At Marvin’s Brick Pavers, our talented team of designers and contractors will work with you to frame your outdoor living area with pavers and natural stone. The options are endless! Our team doesn’t just work diligently to deliver high-quality hardscapes featuring brick patio pavers and natural stones—we do it all.

“Marvin’s crew did a very good job putting in a paver sidewalk and patio extension. They did it as planned, and I have had excellent comments from my neighbors. Sealing it is important and it makes the whole job even look better! I would hire him again!”
John Z. – Google Review

As our robust portfolio suggests, we can rejuvenate your outdoor living area with a newly paved patio, built-in seating, expertly carved flower beds, outdoor fireplaces, and so much more. Striving to create stylish, yet practical outdoor living spaces for all our clients, Marvin’s Brick Pavers prioritizes highlighting your yard’s natural features while establishing usable space for your family’s activities.

At Marvin’s Brick Pavers, we are known for designing game areas for nonstop family fun, retaining walls for added tranquility, garden areas for gorgeous landscaping, and walkways to connect your freshly paved patio to the rest of the yard.

When you introduce patio stones and pavers to the hardscape of your yard, you’ll take your yard from acceptable to stunning. With your new patio space, you’ll better be able to enjoy your home, Wisconsin’s incredible summer months, and bring a new dimension to the way your family, friends, and neighbors hang out.

Though we excel in creating exceptionally crafted aesthetic masterpieces with our high-quality pavers, the added benefit of bringing pavers to your backyard begins and ends with their permeability. Because brick and natural stone don’t allow water to pool, they’re an excellent option for managing drainage.

Outdoor Pavers – Incredible Hardscapes for Patio Living

At Marvin’s Brick Pavers, we don’t limit ourselves. We’ve completed hundreds of projects in our two decades of service on both residential and commercial properties. Using our wide range of brick pavers and natural stone from industry leaders, we create stunning hardscapes.

Our designs last for decades with minimal maintenance. Thanks to the durable nature of our high-quality materials, our hardscapes will maintain their just-finished glow for years after your project is completed.

A brick-paved patio can add insurmountable appeal to any backyard retreat—let us create the perfect space for you. We do it all:

  • Patios
  • Firepits
  • Benches
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Retaining walls
  • Walkways
  • Driveways

…and so much more.

Patio Stones and Backyard Pavers

At Marvin’s Brick Pavers, we work tirelessly with our leading supplier, Unilock, to provide high-quality materials that fit neatly into any budget.

The Good Pavers

Beginning with our most budget-friendly product options, the Good Pavers offer an affordable range of patio pavers that exceed ASTM quality standards. As with all Unilock products, the Good Pavers interlock to create a seamless and stylish finish requiring minimal extra effort to maintain.

Unilock’s Good Pavers are perfect for walkways, small patios, driveways, and all other projects aiming to create a timeless finished product.

The Good Pavers range includes the sophisticated tumbled paver, Brussels Block®, the elegant Westport™ Classic, the Olde Greenwich Cobble, Hollandstone, Camelot, Optiloc, Anchorlock, and premium ADA Paver.

The Better Pavers

A step above the Good Pavers is the extensive Better Pavers line. Still offering a reasonable price point, it includes Unilock’s Enduracolor technology. Using a two-step manufacturing process combining two layers of aggregates—the coarser aggregate at the base provides a strong foundation and the finer aggregate at the top create a concreated color that resists wear and fading—Unilock’s Enduracolor pavers are excellent for high traffic areas.

“Marvin is a master craftsman; his work is beautiful! He and his crew are very professional and the quality of the work is excellent! I would recommend him to anyone looking to greatly improve their home at a very reasonable price.”
Dre – Google Review

The robust Better Pavers line includes Umbriano, Tribeca Cobble, Senzo, Series, Arcana, Skyline, Artline, Beacon Hill Flagstone, Becan Hill Smooth, Bristol Valley, Mattoni, Promenade Plank, Thorbury, Il Campo, Brussels Premier, Holland Premier, and Eco-Promenade.

It offers slightly more than the Good Pavers in the way of customization. Though the Good Pavers are high quality and no less beautiful, the Better Paver line offers larger pavers with extended uses and a wider range of styles.

The Best Pavers

Aptly named the Best Pavers, Unilock’s most expensive line of pavers has the Unilock elegance guarantee. Providing deep rich colors and their trademarked, Reala textures, the Best Pavers offer thoughtfully distressed bricks that appear as if they’ve been on the property for a lifetime.

The line features Richcliff, Courtstone, Townhall, and Copthorne, all of which provide a lived-in look for easily blending with your property’s existing features and your unique tastes. As the name suggests, Best Pavers are the cream of the crop in the masonry world, and you simply can’t get a product like this anywhere else.

Natural Stone

Not limited to traditional brick pavers, we utilize Unilock’s excellent supply of Sandstone and Limestone. Imported from Europe and Asia, Unilock’s line of natural stone withstand Wisconsin’s frequent freeze and thaws as well as aid in the drainage of your space.

Working in tandem with Unilock, we provide a lifetime guarantee for all our natural stone projects and materials. With a variety of special treatments, the appearance of these natural stones will be endlessly enhanced as it ages. All Unilock natural stone is precisely cut and calibrated to fit flawlessly in its intended space.


Our team works tirelessly with Unilock to provide the best selection of hardscape products currently on the market. Offering a slightly different finish from the usual natural stone and brick pavers, Unilock’s line of Porcelain tiles are ideal for walkways, outdoor kitchens, pool decks, and so much more. 

Unilock’s line of porcelain tiles come in a huge range of colors including Travstone Beige, Gotham Nero, Gotham Beige, Gotham Grey, Epokal Beirge Scuro, Epokal Grey, Epokal Beige, Davinci Driftwood, Davini Birch, Beola Bianca, Graustein, Eikon Gea, Eikon Titanio, Rimini, Arbor Biano, Arbor Gray and Arbor Natural.

Unlike the more commonly used patio paver types, porcelain tiles offer an unrivaled range of styles and finishes without any sacrifice in longevity and durability.

Stonemark Pavers

Stonemark Pavers are the perfect blend of natural stone’s amazing aesthetic qualities and the unmatched raw durability of manufactured pavers. Stonemark Pavers’ Rivenstone pavers will not trap dirt or feel coarse on bare feet and offer the much sought after color variation of natural stone.

Patio Paver Fire Pit

Like to entertain? Among our core specialties, custom paved fire pits are one of the most transformative design elements you can bring to your yard. Setting your patio apart from a plainer entertaining area, the inclusion of a patio paver firepit can turn your backyard into Smore central.

“Great customer service and overall experience. The final product was all we hoped for.”
John P. – Google Review

Everyone will flock to your house year-round to enjoy your masterfully crafted outdoor entertaining area. A well-crafted built-in fire pit from us will come complete with our usual quality guarantee and the endless enjoyment of an excellent family fun station.

Imagine the spring, summer, and fall months spent cozied up around the bonfire with your friends, family, and neighbors as you toast marshmallows, enjoy a cold one, and experience the joys of family fun for hours on end. What could be better?

Put a Brick Patio to Work for Your Family

As you consider bringing a brick paved patio to your outdoor space, keep in mind that there’s no substitute for the quality our team can provide. Our contractors pride themselves on their great attention to detail, expert craftsmanship, and commitment to treating every project as if it were their own home. When you choose Marvin’s Brick Pavers, you get:

  • Superior materials
  • Superior installation
  • Superior service
  • Superior results

At Marvin’s Brick Pavers, we do it all. We can build you the outdoor oven of your dreams, the firepit you’ve always imagined, built-in seating for massive backyard barbecues, the outdoor kitchen you never knew you needed, and so much more. With the expertise of Marvin’s Brick Pavers, you can rest easy knowing you chose the right time to execute your project worry and problem-free.

Some folks may think that patio paving is easy enough to do it yourself, but when you consider the skill we bring to every project, there is no better option. Our talented team of designers and installers will work with you from beginning to end to ensure the best use of your space, an efficient timeline for completion, worry-free communication, and the guarantee your result will last you for years to come.

Turn your backyard into fun central and truly enjoy Wisconsin’s amazing summers—call 608-630-8855 to get started today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]