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Creative Driveway Designs with Driveway Pavers

When you bought your home, you didn’t purchase it for its driveway, did you? Driveways rarely make an eye-catching statement and often, they’re only used as a place to park your car. Don’t let your preconceived notions about driveways get in the way of turning your home into your dream house.

Instead of spending the rest of your life calling to have your driveway’s asphalt resurfaced every couple of years, consider working with Marvin’s Brick Pavers on a better option. At Marvin’s Brick Pavers, we specialize in bringing master craftsmanship to every project. Driveways are no different.

When you choose to have your driveway redone with brick pavers, you are opting out of the regular maintenance traditional driveways require. Using the highest quality materials and our expert knowledge from over two decades of service, we will create an eye-catching and durable driveway that you can enjoy for the life of your home.

Unlike traditional blacktop driveways, brick paved driveways offer a wide variety of looks that can be tailored to your exact style preferences. If your house is made of brick or otherwise has a brick façade, we can expertly match your paved driveway for optimal curb appeal. 

Marvin’s Brick Pavers are the best. I was a bit skeptical about having my patio done but Marvin assured my wife that we would be happy. He kept his word. We are VERY happy.I had a minor callback and he and his crew came back with flying colors.Marvin D.  –  Google Review

Traditional driveways are often overlooked, but a brick paved driveway will make your home standout all the way from the street. When you have guests over, it’s the very first thing they’ll see as they approach your house—adding to a worthwhile first impression.

Brick Driveways Are Distinctive

When you opt for a brick driveway, you are adding endless character to your home from the inside out. Using over twenty years of experience, our brick contractors will work with you to create the wow-factor your home is missing.

Combining our design prowess with our high-quality brick pavers and natural stone options, our team will work with you to create a complementary design that accents your home’s best qualities. Brick driveways are:

  • Durable
  • Unique
  • Functional
  • Low maintenance

Blacktop and asphalt driveways are one-note. Have you ever driven by a house with an asphalt driveway and left saying, “wow, that was incredible!” Probably not, right? When you choose a brick paved driveway, you have the option of a truly refined look that artfully blends a variety of colors and shapes to create a bold statement.

Brick driveways contribute to a long-lasting first impression that your friends, neighbors, and passersby will take surely note. With your statement driveway, your visitors will arrive at your home envious of your its infinite personality.

If the aesthetic value isn’t enough to convince you to choose a brick paved driveway, imagine never having to fix another crack in your driveway ever again. Brick paved driveways are the single most durable, functional and attractive driveway option available. 

Great customer service and overall experience. The final product was all we hoped for.John P.  –  Google Review

Requiring minimal maintenance, brick paved driveways will not only boost your home’s character, curb appeal and resale value, but will save you precious energy. We bring the right materials, machinery, and professionalism to every job, ensuring that every customer is left with a high-quality finished product that will stand the test of time.

Driveway Paving Stones Provide Great Options

Our team will work with you to create a gorgeous design, expertly blending our expertise with your unique preferences. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver amazing results that will last a lifetime. With our decades of experience, we ensure that our contractors use all the correct installation methods using only the highest quality materials.

At Marvin’s Brick Pavers, we adhere to the strictest industry standards so that no customer is left unsatisfied. We never sacrifice quality, style or durabilityour contractors bring all the necessary tools, equipment and expertise necessary to create stunning, impactful designs.

Using their unique set of skills combined with our unwavering focus, our contractors will complete your brick-paved driveway quickly and efficiently. Having worked on hundreds of projects, our experienced masons and designers have an intimate knowledge of all parts of the process, so you can ask us absolutely anything at any time.

Through our decades of experience, we have learned exactly how to handle any challenges a driveway can dish out. We use that experience to flawlessly execute our projects with impeccable attention to detail.

When you choose a Marvin’s Brick Pavers, you are making the prudent decision to go with the best.

Selecting Driveway Paving Companies

Before you select a company to complete your driveway paving project, it’s important to understand what sets Marvin’s Brick Pavers apart. At Marvin’s Brick Pavers, we’ve completed hundreds of projects in our two decades of service. We’ve always exceeded our customer’s expectations, and we place heavy emphasis on creating a long-lasting, innovative result for every need—but don’t take our word for it.

Just check our portfolio! Our many projects are sure to stand out as unique against the competition. When you look at our completed projects, you’ll see that unlike other companies, we fully utilize the whole range of high-quality products available to us.

Since we opened our doors in 1998, we have gone on to become valued members of the Better Business Bureau and the National Fire Protection Association. When you do business with Marvin’s Brick Pavers, you can rest easily knowing your trust is placed in a highly respected company with years of satisfied customers and expertly completed projects. With this fact in mind, do you really want to take the risk of a lesser-known contractor creating your paver driveway?

Madison’s Paver Driveway Professionals

It’s no secret we stand out against the competition in Madison. Since 1998, our company has been a full-service installer and provider of interlocking pavers and natural stone products.

Working with you from planning to end to clean-up, at Marvin’s Brick Pavers we bring our professional design experience, wide selection of pavers and stone, and our experienced professional installation practices to every project. When you choose Marvin’s Brick Pavers, you enjoy:

  • Solid paver experience
  • Skilled installation
  • The right tools and equipment
  • Superior materials
  • Outstanding customer service

With our boundless expertise, we ensure that every client’s project needs at not just met completely but exceeded. We deliver not only a beautiful finished product, but a durable, professionally paved driveway that will last for years and years to come.

Working closely with leading industry supplier, Unilock, our company works with leading paver manufacturers to offer a robust range of products, expertise, and options to our valued clientele. In our 20 years of serving the Greater Madison area, we have wholeheartedly prioritized each and every job we’ve completed—we treat your home like our own.

When you choose Marvin’s Brick Pavers, you are consciously choosing to work with the best of the best. Once you complete one project with us—no matter how small—you will be so blown away that you’ll join the ranks of our many valued returning customers.

Ready for the driveway of your dreams? Get in touch with our team today at 608-630-8855 for a free consolation.