When you’re looking for safe, durable and attractive flooring, consider epoxy floors for business applications. These rugged and colorful floors are growing in popularity throughout the Madison WI area. Long known for sprucing up and customizing a home garage or basement, epoxy floors really shine in a business setting – literally!

You’re not looking for more challenges to keep your business clean are you? An epoxy floor is very easy to maintain. Sweep up debris and mop it up with a cloth to get rid of spills or tracked-in moisture. That’s about all there is to it. If these floors will stand up to the automotive fluids and other chemicals in a garage, they’ll do well most anywhere else you want to install them. This resistance to moisture most kinds makes them ideal for installations such as:

  • Restaurant kitchens and bar areas
  • Bathrooms
  • Medical laboratories and exam rooms
  • Veterinary care and pet boarding facilities
  • Commercial and residential garages
  • Laundromats and apartment laundry rooms
  • Entry ways of any business in a snowy climate – ideal in southern Wisconsin
Epoxy Floors For Business | Madison WI | Garage Flooring Solutions
Heavy traffic? No problem for an epoxy flooring application.

In addition, an the durability of epoxy floors for business installations makes them ideal for any space that gets a lot of foot traffic. It also stands up to heavy wheeled traffic from lift trucks of all sizes. Consider an application in these areas:

  • Foodservice areas like snack bars and fast-food locations
  • Bike shops
  • Warehouses and distribution centers
  • Showrooms of all kinds
  • Laboratories
  • Hotel and business lobby areas

Epoxy Floors For Business – Advantage Abound

On top of being strong, rugged and water-resistant, epoxy coatings come with added advantages, including:

  • They can be easily installed on top of concrete floors.
  • Epoxy creates a high-glass surface that increases the brightness in any room.
  • Professional installation requires no cutting, sizing, special tools or adhesives.
  • Not only resists water it resists oil stains and chemicals.
  • Epoxy goes on smooth with no seams to match.
  • Floor coating can be combined with many different paints and colors for special effects – easy to mask off cracks and chips in the underlying concrete.
  • Can be applied in patterns to create walkways to guide traffic patterns.
  • Can be combined with ant-slip agents to make the surface secure even when wet.

The floor is one of the most critical and often overlooked elements of a business property. Whether you are responsible for a warehouse, shop, foodservice location or a retail space, keeping floors safe and looking good is a chore.

Epoxy Flooring – Not A DIY Solution

While the list of positive attributes for an epoxy floor coating is long and impressive, epoxies aren’t without drawbacks. However the list of drawbacks is short and pertains mainly to installation skill. Applying a professional-grade epoxy to the floors in your business is not a do-it-yourself proposition. When you want to take advantage of all the positive features an epoxy floor offers, you don’t want to risk losing any with poor installation, do you? The most often sited drawbacks of an epoxy floor for business are:

  • Fumes – wet epoxy gives off a strong, unpleasant odor. It smells bad! During application wearing safety goggles and respirators is a must. The fumes are not just unpleasant. They can be toxic. Providing proper ventilation is critical. Fortunately, once the epoxy is fully cured the smell goes away completely.
  • Curing time – closely related to the problem of the smell is the length of time it takes for epoxy to fully cure. It can take several days depending upon the size of the space, its ventilation, the type of epoxy going down and how thick it is applied. A rule of thumb  is expect at least 72 hours for complete curing in a large space. High humidity can increase the time, too. Curing time is an inconvenience in areas where there’s a lot of daily traffic.
  • It can be slippery – because epoxy isn’t porous, it can be very slippery when it gets wet. That’s a concern especially where older people or children are likely to be around a lot. Thankfully, there are additives for the floor coating the render it slip-resistant, making it safer for foot traffic of every level.
Epoxy Floors For Business | Madison WI | Garage Flooring Solutions
Keep a shine on your floors and make the most of durable, colorful finishes with an epoxy coating.

Get The Right Epoxy Floor For Business

The right floor not only makes your business look good while protecting staff and customers, the finish transforms drab concrete into a dynamic, colorful presence. Could you really brighten your workplace tapping into the nearly unlimited color and texture options? While maintaining exceptional durability, too?

An epoxy floor finish provides a smooth, level surface. It is easy to keep clean with a mop and broom. Garage Flooring Solutions is a professional epoxy coatings company serving Madison and the surrounding area with a broad selection of coatings for all concrete surfaces.

To put the years of experience and skilled Garage Flooring Solutions team to work for your business, call 608-630-8855 today. We’ll help you select the best epoxy floor for business anywhere in the Madison WI area.

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