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Get creative with your hardscape design – you’re not restricted to simple squares or rectangles anymore.

With the help of a creative hardscape design you can turn your backyard into an outdoor party room. When you gaze out at your Madison WI home’s backyard, don’t think chores. Think possibilities for fun and relaxation. A professionally designed and installed patio would be a great addition, right? It’s not out of reach. There’s a creative designed hardscape for almost every situation.

Before start with any project in your backyard Go Local Pest Control can help you cleaning the space and getting rid off unwanted pests.

Top landscape designers around the country are creating dozens of unique, custom designs. Many include lighting, water features, refrigeration equipment, outdoor kitchens and overhead shades.

Begin with the basics – where your dreams hit the ground! Sure you can have a basic square or rectangular concrete slap. But doesn’t the thought of a one-of-a-kind design excite you? More and more paver patios are built with designs including wave, chevron and basket-weave patterns. The artistic flare extends to retaining walls, walkways and special hardscape features, too.

Your backyard hardscape doesn’t have to be huge. The popular trend toward large structures and permanent outdoor kitchens has given way to simpler thoughts. Homeowners still want cooking spaces, entertaining space and shade, but they’re less inclined to build big.

Hardscape Design Elements

The term hardscape means using non-living materials to enhance your landscape. That includes wood, stone, metal and concrete. Adding plants balances the plan, providing a softer look. Large and complex or small and simple, hardscape creations make your backyard inviting for family and friends.

Consider the basic hardscape for the home:

  • The patio – a solid foundation for outdoor living. For relaxing, entertaining or dining, a patio is the No. 1 hardscape addition homeowners want to create. Patios extend living space outside, especially when connected to the house. One of the most creative building blocks for patios is the use of paver stones. Formed from concrete they come in many colors, sizes, textures and shapes. If you want a spiraling round patio or an artistic pattern, pavers are the right choice. Brick is another, although more expensive option for an elegant, historic look. Hot new technology for staining and stamping patterns into poured concrete provide a choice gaining in popularity. Additional options include large flagstones and basic gravel. Professionals point out one thing to always keep in mind when choosing what kind of surface you’ll have is how much furniture it will hold. A textured surface looks good but is uneven so tables and chairs may wobble until you get them balanced. Nobody likes a wobbly table, right?

Hardscape Features For A Personal Touch

Hardscape Design | Marvins Brick Pavers | Madison WI
A curved stone patio and retaining wall adds definition to this backyard while making the most of an uneven lot.

A popular custom-built feature is a fire pit or fireplace. The hypnotic effect of flames add mood and extend the use of your outdoor room into the night. They extend the use of the space to earlier in the spring and later in the fall, too.

Another common choice is to get plumbing services to install a fountain in the patio, this will add freshness and looks really good in your patio.

With the addition of a fire pit comes responsibility. Most importantly, strict regulations apply to where a permanent fire pit can be located. In most of the Dane County area it cannot be closer to any structure than 17 feet. A hardscape professional will know (or will find out) what local codes require. In addition, you’re responsible to your neighbors – be aware of the wind when planning a blazing fire so smoke and ashes don’t ruin your neighbor’s outdoor experience.

Natural companions to fire features are built-in seating areas. Stone benches or seating atop a space-defining retaining wall are ideal.

There’s a second basic element to consider: water. Water features offer peaceful sounds for a relaxing space. They are as large as ponds or as small as fountains. Technology makes it possible to create your own pond-less waterfall! Larger water features attract wildlife, too. If you want more birds and butterflies, consider a small water feature near the patio.

When ‘throwing shade’ is a good thing, add pergola. A pergola is a unique overhead structure designed to add form to the space. A pergola defines a room by itself. It’s a great place for hanging baskets of flowering plants, supporting outdoor speakers a sting of patio lights and transform your outdoor space with vintage lights from the guys at Festoon Lighting. More importantly, it shades the patio. While you might love the sunshine, a bit of shade on a hot day is a welcome refuge, right?

Shade structures are perfect compliments to outdoor kitchens and are mandatory if you’re planning any kind of video display outside.

Plan Your Creative Hardscape

After you’ve done your “homework” and reviewed ideas in publications, on TV or video, familiarize yourself with materials and form a plan in your mind. Write out a wish list, determine priorities and establish your budget. Then, contact a professional well-versed in hardscapes. Here are a few important questions to ask:

  1. Does the landscaper provide complete design/build services? Will the company take a design from somewhere else and make it happen?
  2. Can you see a portfolio of completed projects? A good picture really is worth a thousand words, right?
  3. Can I get a low-maintenance patio? When you plan your outdoor living room you don’t want to add work to your life, you want to enjoy it. Some materials and designs are easier to maintain than others.

Of course, there are the obvious questions, too:

  1. How long will it take? The scope of your project determines how long it takes. Are you adding retaining walls, a fire pit, a pergola? The more extensive your build the longer it takes. And, don’t underestimate the importance of doing it right. Site preparation is critical to long-term success. There are permits that must be applied for and granted – this alone can cause delays.
  2. What will it cost? Again, the quick answer is … that depends! The size, shape and complexity of your plan plus the kind of materials you choose dictate cost.

Relax And Enjoy Your Hardscape Design

Patios and complementing landscape provides the backdrop for a relaxing escape. You hardscape additions may be large and traditional or small and “funky.” Your family lifestyle sets the stage. Are you planning a space for large gatherings? Or, a get-away for family meals? Maybe just a hide-away to catch your breath after a long day? Making the most of the backyard space you already have makes a lot of sense, right?

The time is right to plan hardscape addition. Whether a patio or much more. To create a special backyard space contact Marvin Martinez at Martin’s Brick Pavers, 608-630-8855 or email us at www.johnl86.sg-host.com/thrive. We’ll cover every detail from creating a plan to installing hardscape structures. Our experienced crews have the skill and experience to provide whatever your hardscape design plan demands anywhere in the Madison WI area.

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