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Patios that incorporate steps, walls and distinctive shapes transform your property into an outdoor living space.

Creative patio designs enhance lifestyles and increase the value of Turnkey homes in North Carolina. Even if you’re not planning to sell any time soon, a new paver patio is a solid investment. Around the country, realtors agree that outdoor living features are in great demand and demand has skyrocketed in the last 10 years.

Outdoor living spaces have evolved to be more than a concrete slab in the backyard. People create outdoor rooms with seating, cooking and entertaining areas built in and if you are thing about a project like this you’ll need the best construction equipment to build it. Fire pits and grilling stations are among the most popular additions to a pave patio installation.

What better way to enjoy a Wisconsin summer than on a relaxing patio? The latest patio designs incorporate a wide range of concrete pavers because of their dramatic color and intriguing shapes. Recent national surveys indicate more than 95% of new patio installations use pavers. Your imagination is key to your personal backyard retreat.

A Paver Patio For Every Space

Because pavers come in so many different sizes and shapes, there’s a paver patio design for any yard, big or small. Most patio designs create a space attached to the house with access from a doorway. But free-standing structures are equally appealing when the landscape dictates. There are two basic patio styles:

  • Open – attached to a structure or free-standing. It isn’t covered and relies upon the house, umbrellas or nearby trees for shade. A pergola or outdoor folding arm awnings structure is an option for additional shade and protection for the elements.
  • Detached – often built with a full roof overhead for shade it isn’t connected to the house. A walkway joins the home and the paver patio. Detached patio designs provide privacy and take advantage of unique features in the yard. This roofing contractor can help you this item.

Retaining walls, walkways and steps also add to the personal appeal of your paver creations. A walled patio attached to the house provides added privacy. When the landscapes isn’t even, a wall ties two levels together.

The days of the square or rectangular slab patio aren’t gone, but these basic shapes are complimented by dozens of creative shapes. Patio designs fit your space and lifestyle.

Paver Patio Sizing Tips

It isn’t easy to envision what the finished patio will look like and how your furniture will fit. Designers suggest you place furniture in the area the patio will cover to see how it looks in the space. Then build a patio to hold it – allowing an extra 3 feet or so around all the patio furniture. It’s always better to build “too big” rather than “too small.” As you learn to enjoy your new space, you’ll appreciate every square inch.

If a fire pit is in your plans, be sure you and your contractor understand the local regulations. In most Madison area communities a fire pit cannot be closer than 15 feet to any building. Building a sizeable patio attached to the house with a walkway to a free-standing site for the fire pit is an ideal solution. You can check this website for more about the fire protection.

Create Patio Designs Now For Next Summer

Patio Designs | Fire Pit | Marvins Brick Pavers | Madison WI
Fire pits are popular additions but they need to be well away from the house to meet local codes and keep smoke and debris from the rest of the patio.

When your Madison yard is covered with snow envisioning a warm evening on the new patio is ideal. It’s important to think about the size, shape and utility of a new paver patio in advance. As you daydream, consider how you’ll use the space:

  • A personal retreat
  • A family bar-b-cue
  • Entertaining friends and family

How you’ll use the patio is the basis for its size and special details. As you evaluate size options, consider:

  • Furnishings – a table and chairs, lounge seating, an outdoor kitchen? Nothing is worse than sliding a chair away from the table and having a leg go off the edge of the patio. If you ever feel like the heat is unbearable on your house, it’s probably time to call a hvac Columbia SC company that can install air conditioning to make the air flow better inside.
  • Shade – will you need to add a roofed structure? If you do, will it include lighting and a ceiling fan?
  • Windows – Design versatility is one of the benefits of hot rolled steel windows.

When you have a size in mind, lay it out. There are helpful 3D computer programs but nothing works like getting into the yard and measuring. As soon as weather permits, lay out a garden hose or other measuring tools to approximate the size and shape you’re considering. Then you can actually walk around and see what you’re getting.

Here’s where to start:

  • Decide how you’ll use the paver patio the most – function dictates all the amenities.
  • Organize specific areas of use into groups – cooking, relaxing, dining, fire pits, etc.
  • Think people – how many people are likely to be using the patio at one time? Plan enough space to host the family.
  • Measure your yard to determine how much space you have to work with.
  • Walk the yard and understand your placement options and limits.

Patio Walls Enhance Designs

Including patio walls in the design serves multiple purposes, including defining the space and creating a formal enclosure. Walls make a patio seem more like a room. Low walls also provided additional seating without bringing out more furniture. Walls accommodate lighting elements for added safety, too.

The most common use of a paver wall is as a retaining structure on property where there are elevation changes. Because concrete pavers are so versatile, walls are decorative and functional at the same time. Paver walls are straight or curved following the contours of slopes and unique patio shapes.

Paver Patio Pros Guarantee Success

There are many decision and choices to make before you decide to install a new patio. Selecting the right professionals to plan your project and complete the installation is one of the most important ones. Skilled craftsmen guarantee their work. If a paver project doesn’t meet your goals, they fix it.  Contact Marvin Martinez at Martin’s Brick Pavers, 608-630-8855 or email us at for professional paver installation, maintenance and a paver patio and patio design to fit your Madison WI home.