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Madison’s Patio Paver Professionals Creating Patios, Hardscapes, and More

When you first bought your house, your realtor probably raved about all the incredible possibilities for its outdoor space, didn’t they? You imagined a garden, outdoor entertaining, family barbecues, a pool, an area for your kids and dogs to run unencumbered, and all the other amazing features of a backyard that was finally yours.

Then, the years started to tick by. You may have called in a contractor or two for an estimate but found yourself putting it off year after year even though your dream of enjoying your backyard never faded away.

With each summer, you found yourself remembering all the great ideas you had when you first bought your house, and now, you’re here. Marvin’s Brick Pavers is the top full-service brick paving company in the Madison area.

With over 20 years of expertise, we have a proven track record of providing high-quality outdoor hardscapes to residential and commercial clients across south-central Wisconsin. Our team can handle all aspects of the renovation process from planning to clean-up, and we can do it at an affordable rate.

There are a lot of brick pavers in this area. This is one of the best brick pavers hands down.Gregory G. – Local Guide – Google Review

Since our inception in 1998, Marvin’s Brick Pavers has been expertly and diligently serving homeowners of the Greater Madison area with high-quality full-service outdoor hardscaping. We can design and install virtually any outdoor space imaginable. Using interlocking pavers and natural stone products, we’ll revitalize your outdoor space, upgrade curb appeal, and change the way you enjoy your home and backyard.

                             …and much more.

We use more than two decades of expertise to upgrade your home far beyond the limits of your imagination. Not limited to the more structural elements of patios and other hardscapes, our team can transform your home’s garden.

If you can dream it, at Marvin’s Brick Pavers, we can build it. Working with our clients to take their ideas and craft superior finished products is our passion. We’ll create an outdoor space you’ll be proud to call your own for years to come.

Quality Materials & Workmanship for Paver Hardscapes

Once our team diligently reviews all possible outdoor hardscape ideas with you, we ensure quality and affordability through our partnership with Unilock, a leading supplier in the paving industry.

Unilock’s superior manufacturing technology allows for budget-friendly paving without sacrificing longevity.

Via a traditional product mix of both large and small aggregates, Unilock’s EnduraColor technology provides a long-lasting brick finish in a wide variety of classic paver shapes.  Thanks to the two-part manufacturing process, Unilock pavers provide a solid, durable foundation with coarser aggregates at the base and finer aggregates offering wear-resistant color throughout the paver.

We pair these superior materials with a fine attention to detail to ensure every aspect of your project is flawless. As a premier hardscaping company, our team treats every project as if it were our own. With two decades of satisfied customers under our belt, we are best known for precise craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Not only that, but we stand out against the competition with our commitment to creativity.

Combining years of experience working on a wide variety of projects with ideas that redefine how you can enrich your outdoor living space, our skills, materials, ingenuity, and integrity are unmatched.

Take Outdoor Living to the Next Level Using Paving Stones

When you bought your home, what was the thing you loved most about it? Did you like the open concept floor plan? Did your realtor suggest the possibility of a multi-car driveway? Maybe the acreage made you swoon?

Prompt, professional work at a reasonable price. Can’t recommend highly enough!Robert C.  –  Google Review

With our wide variety of natural stones and pavers, it’s easy to turn your backyard’s unused grass into an extension of your home’s entertaining area with a multi-dimensional indoor-outdoor living space. Our experienced hardscaping contractors will upgrade your backyard to the caliber of a home and garden magazine.

At Marvin’s Brick Pavers, we use high-quality natural stone and pavers to add visual depth and intrigue to previously one-dimensional outdoor spaces. Instead of simply asphalting your driveway with smelly tar that needs to be resurfaced all too regularly, paving stones will withstand the test of time and bring unrivaled curb appeal to your home.

Imagine all the sunny days you’ll spend by your newly paved pool. Envision taking your morning cup of coffee on your patio with the birds chirping as you see the fruits of your labor before you. Imagine dining outdoors with your family, friends, and neighbors on your newly hardscaped patio, complete with unique built-in seating options and a thoughtfully incorporated built-in fireplace for those nights the temperature starts to dip, but the fun has yet to end. Can you picture it?

Imagine the joy you’ll feel as you effortlessly haul your lawnmower from your garage to your lawn across your expertly paved walkway. Imagine hosting your children’s birthday parties and end of school bashes in your newly minted outdoor entertaining area with every stone perfect placed.

Not only will you enjoy your outdoor living space for years to come, but when it comes to retire, downsize, or move to a warmer climate, your patio design will add unprecedented value to the resale value of your home.

Retaining Walls Set Your Yard Apart

Retaining walls are the best stylistic solution to slope management and drainage control. Incorporating a wide breadth of quality materials, our team can build eye-catching retaining walls that not only increase the functionality of your backyard by limiting soil erosion and standing water, but by creating terraces, accentuating your yard’s natural terrain and elevating the aesthetic value of your retreat. 

Our expert contractors will attentively suggest the inclusion of retaining walls to highlight your backyard’s curves and contours naturally. If your backyard features a steep, previously unusable incline or dimensionless planes, we will work with you to create space for additional landscaping and activities.

While retaining walls provide much-needed functional benefits, they are also designed to segment your backyard into more useable specialty spaces. Without sacrificing acreage, retaining walls divide previously overwhelming open areas into intentionally utilized special spaces for dog runs, dining, entertaining, grilling, gardening, playing flag football, and more.

Retaining walls work to control the drainage and water run-off in yards of all shapes and sizes. If your basement is prone to flooding or collecting water at the foundation, retaining walls redirect run-off away from your home and protect your assets. Retaining walls and other permeable paving options are one of the best forms of protection from floods. 

Highlighting your property’s best features, retaining walls are designed to maintain your yard’s usage all year long. When built properly, they establish level areas from previously steep inclines. There are a few types of retaining walls, including segmental retaining wall blocks made from interlocking pavers, natural stone laid over a sturdy, rock-filled wire cage, and wood timbers and railroad ties.

As a paving company, we specialize in segmental and natural stone retaining walls. When compared to wood timbers and railroad ties, stone retaining walls better withstand the test of time with added weather resistance. Wood is prone to rot and insect infestation while well-paved retaining walls maintain themselves with minimal maintenance.

Our team can provide high-quality retaining walls to meet your needs at affordable, budget-friendly prices. Unlike big box companies and chains, we offer custom designs expertly tailored to your exact specifications.

Not limited to residential contracting, we also have a sustained track record of providing expert retaining wall design services to commercial and recreation clients.

Creative Brick Driveway Designs

Have you ever seen an asphalt driveway and thought to yourself, “wow?” Probably not. For homeowners looking to add aesthetic intrigue and visual depth to their home’s curb appeal, our skilled pavers will create an unparalleled brick driveway fit for a celebrity’s mansion.

Paver driveways make a statement that traditional driveways can’t. They accentuate the architectural beauty of your home, provide eye-catching statements from the road, and require none of the regular maintenance of their traditional counterparts. Our years of experience guarantee the longevity of all our projects.

At Marvin’s Brick Pavers, we listen to your ideas and extend our decades of job site experience to making your dreams a practical reality. Our contractors come to meetings prepared with photos of past projects for inspiration. We have all the proper tools and materials to ensure quality results.

Once a project proposal is agreed upon, we will use our paver expertise to create the brick driveway of your dreams. Whether you want a half-circle driveway with a designated entrance and exit, ample space for your guests to safely park, or anything in between, we’re the right contractor for the job.

All you have to do is share what you want—if you don’t know, no pressure, our experts will help guide you to a driveway that suits all your needs—and we will create an impeccable design that combines our expertise with your unique preferences.

With years of completed projects and delighted homeowners under our belt, you won’t be disappointed in your finished product.

Review Our Pavers Portfolio

Before you decide if Marvin’s Brick Pavers is right for you and your project, we encourage you to check out our many pages of completed projects. With our work hardscaping many patios, laying brick driveways, paving flower beds and walkways, creating user-friendly pool decks, and functional retaining walls, the bounds of our offerings are unmatched.

By reviewing our portfolio before our meeting, you will be better armed with examples of styles, practices, and designs you’d like to see in your space. You’ll be inspired to incorporate new facets into your home, and you’ll ensure that your design best fits your mental image.

When you’re prepared with imagery of our past work, you’ll be able to communicate what you do and don’t like effectively. It’ll allow you to formulate relevant questions to ask, such as, “how much does something like this cost?” and “how long did this particular project take your team to complete?”

Patios, Retaining Walls and Hardscapes to Enhance Your Home

At Marvin’s Brick Pavers, we work diligently to answer all your burning questions, design eye-catching home improvements, and work on a convenient timeline to achieve the best results.

We make it our mission to provide professional designs—ensuring the proper permits—and offering the widest range of pavers and natural stone available in Madison. We work with leading companies to guarantee the best materials and rates for our clients, and everything is installed with this commitment to quality in mind.

As one of our core company tenants, quality is never far from our minds. Each and every one of our customers is blown away at how much we can accomplish by working within their budget. We have a steadfast assurance to provide our clients with more than they asked for—achieving unparalleled quality, precision, execution, and innovation that other companies simply can’t contend with. 

When you choose Marvin’s Pavers, you’ll enjoy:

  • Professional designs
  • An extensive selection of pavers and stone types
  • Experienced installation
  • Superior materials from top brands

After completing one small project with our company, we’re confident that you’ll be inspired to overhaul your home’s outdoor living space into the retreat destination of your fantasies. By utilizing the simple, yet striking, transformative power of hardscaping for your property, your home’s value will skyrocket, your home parties will be reimagined, and your home life will be endlessly enhanced. Sound good?

Get in touch with our team today at 608-630-8855 for a free no-obligation quote.