A paver driveway of bricks or concrete pavers is a viable option for Madison WI homes. It boosts curb appeal, impacts period architecture and adds to resale value. Properly installed, pavers are a stable platform for vehicle and foot traffic.

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Complement your home’s roof color or trim with a driveway of unique colored pavers. garage doors entry

The ultimate goal is an installation that looks great, needs little maintenance and performs for decades. Paver walks and driveways come in many styles and colors. That gives you a wide range of designs from which to choose. You’ve got to have a driveway today, so why not make a statement with a unique installation?

Yes, You Can Plow Snow Off A Paver Driveway

The No. 1 objection coming to mind when thinking of a paver or brick driveway starts with “how can I blow snow of a rough surface like this?” When installed correctly, pavers provide a solid surface that you can plow, snow-blow and shovel. The main concern is individual pavers that are not even. It only takes a stone or two out of alignment. In this case a plow can shift loose, uneven pavers. It shouldn’t be an issue though. Professional installation provides even surfaces.

Home snow blowers seldom put pavers or bricks at risk. Smaller units have rubber paddles that don’t scrape or scratch pavers. Larger, auger-type snow throwers don’t dig into the surface – and most have a rubber edge on the augers.

If you shovel you brick or paver driveway and walks, it’s best to use a tool with a plastic blade. Old-style metal shovels can scratch the surface if you’re not careful.

Commercial plows are more threatening. Their standard, heavy metal blades can chip and scratch pavers, bricks and textured concrete. Most professional snow plowing companies won’t guarantee their tools don’t damage pavers. However, as pavers become more common, more contractors invest in plows with rubber-shielded blades. Check with local contractors to see what they have to offer.

Paver Driveway Performance

Even with the growing decorative, stamped and stained concrete options using paver and brick driveways offer the most style options. You have choices that go beyond color and shape.

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Professionally installed concrete pavers create a paver driveway that stands up to anything Wisconsin’s weather throws its way.

The most technical decision you may be asked to make comes first: do you want to use permeable or impervious pavers on your driveway? Did you know there was a difference? Your professional hardscape contractor is the ideal source to guide your choice. Most paved driveways are impervious. That means no water gets into or beneath the surface. That’s true of concrete and asphalt surfaces as well as many paver installations.

More recently on the scene, permeable paver designs are ideal for driveways. Water doesn’t pool on the surface so there’s less concern for ice. If you want to go all-out you can install a heating system under the paver or brick surface to keep snow from building up. Paver-makers are creating more and more styles in both permeable and impervious versions.

Style and design features depend upon your home’s architecture and your plans for curb appeal. Do you want a traditional, colonial look? Maybe you want a stylish contemporary entrance? A popular style complementing the trending farmhouse motif is the use of stone-textured pieces.

Paver And Brick Driveway Styling

There are dozens of options for Madison WI driveway paving when it comes to laying down a brick or concrete pave walk or driveway. Almost anything available for a patio or backyard hardscape can be continued in areas designed to move people and vehicles. Style and design choices include:
• Paver colors – colors from hues chosen to match your roof or trim to natural tones are available. Visually connecting roof and trim colors to decorative driveways and walks is a promising trend.
• Contrasting walks and borders – when you design your driveway consider walks and borders that complement the color and texture without copying it.
• Patterns – the most traditional pattern for brick is a herringbone with pavers set at 45-degree angles to the garage. This pattern interlocks to prevent shifting – ideal for high traffic areas. Gaining popularity for contemporary looks are basket weave designs and an ashlar pattern. Ashlar and herringbone patterns are top choices for permeable paver installation.
• Unique touches – let your inner artist loose with a custom design within your paver and brick driveway designs. Your embellishments can be simple pattern changes at the driveway entrance or garage apron. Add a “carriage drop” – a place by the front walk or garage door where a carriage would drop off passengers in another era. Contemporary looks include circles, fans and mosaics.

Creative Paver Driveway Completes Hardscape

Have you invested in an outdoor living space? Most likely, it’s in the backyard where only you and guests enjoy it. Why not complete the hardscape design and boost your home’s curb appeal with a driveway that extends the theme? Concrete paver walkways, planters and retaining walls all accent your home. Linked to front walks and driveway they represent a common thread linking front and backyard landscape.

Whether you’re in the midst of new construction or a major indoor/outdoor renovation a creative, unique driveway makes a great first impression. If you have questions on how to complete the plan with a statement in stone, we’re ready to share our insights and experience.

Expand your outdoor living with a new patio, retaining walls and walks. Add specialty features like multi-level seating areas, fire pits and an outdoor kitchens Invite guests to your backyard retreat with complementary design out front. It makes sense to bring the same design energy to the front of the house for all too see, doesn’t it?

With decades of experience installing the latest paver and decorative poured concrete creations the professionals at Marvin’s Brick Pavers know how best to translate your vision to reality. Give Marvin Martinez a call at 608-630-8855. Or contact him via email at www.johnl86.sg-host.com.

Marvin’s staff is skilled in the installation of hardscapes of all kinds from concrete pavers, bricks, stones and decorative poured concrete. Take advantage of Marvin craftsmanship and experience. Make a statement with a paver driveway welcoming guests to your Madison WI home.

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