Building paver planters into your hardscape perfectly blends vibrant colors and soft textures with well-defined spaces. Paver walkways, walls and patios define spaces in ways plants cannot. To create a complete outdoor living space for your Madison WI home mix hard and soft. Hardscapes welcome foot traffic and furniture. Flowers, shrubs and trees soften the space as a perfect buffer. Built-in planters are a great way to deliver a really exceptional result.

Gentle curves accent the walk while raised bed paver planters hold distinctive, elegant accents.

Landscape designers from coast to coast agree: “The best outdoor living space feels natural to homeowners and visitors. It draws people to the space with color, texture and warmth.”

Just as the traditional gray concrete slab patio has been replaced by stained poured concrete and decorative, creative paver designs, space for plants has become a major design element.

Paver Planters Work Anywhere

In today’s media the words “hardscape” and “landscape” get mentioned as if they’re the same thing. They are not. Understanding the difference isn’t hard:

  • What is hardscape? – hardscape is a part of an overall landscape plan. It’s the non-living elements like concrete, bricks, rocks, pavers and timbers. It includes man-made structures like decks, patios, walls, fire pits and pergolas. They have “hard” lines and textures. They define spaces and they don’t move.
  • What is landscape? – the elements of landscape are all the “soft” things like grass, flowers, shrubs and trees. They provide colors, shades that change at different times of day and with the seasons. They add cooling and calming elements.

There’s no doubt that adding a paver walk, patio of wall enhances the look of your yard. But, there’s more to hardscape than aesthetics. The elements of hardscape impact the overall space and change drainage, traffic patterns and even temperature – stone exposed to the sun all afternoon warms the space much faster than grass!

Because these additions to your property have long-term effects professional installation and site preparation is key. You don’t want to expend all the energy it takes to build a patio and find it’s the main reason your yard floods when it storms, right?

Adding plants to the site brings in colors stone and concrete can never match. Plants also fill spaces vertically and serve as dividers and accents. Creating planters as borders for patios, driveways and walks brings seasonal color and greenery to offset the somber edges of stone and concrete. Built-in planters have as much, maybe more impact in the front of your home as they do around in back by the patio.

Attention To Detail Critical For Hardscaping

So, you’ve spent a lot of time at home in 2020 and have decided you need to improve the outdoor living space. Where do you begin? The solution to your needs isn’t as easy as picking out concrete pavers you like. There are several vital considerations including:

A meandering a walk bordered by a host of perennial flowers and shrubs leads the way to a secluded patio.
  • Match existing architecture – while you want your new patio area to standout, you don’t want it to look out of place. For example, if there’s stone or brick on your home consider choosing hardscape elements that will flow together with them. Seamlessly matching the existing exterior features makes hardscape look as if it belongs.
  • Design with a purpose – create a focal point or center of interest. A perfect role for a built-on planter and colorful flowers and shrubs that create interest all year around.
  • Think natural, “curvy” – too many straight lines aren’t natural and make the hardscape harsh and rough. Curves and rounded edges make a difference. Again an ideal “softener” is a raised flower bed.
  • Don’t forget ‘engineering’ – TV programs and videos may make installing a patio, paver walk or wall look pretty easy. They seldom show all the site preparation that goes into making it look easy. A professional crew prepares your yard for the installation, keeping drainage, local building codes and soil conditions in mind. Do you know what permits you’ll need and where to get them? The pros do.
  • Wisconsin’s weather – if not installed and designed properly the seasonal expansion and contraction of the ground in your yard is capable of ruining your best efforts. That’s why knowing the characteristics of your soil, and planning for shifting action is vital. All landscape/hardscape projects in Madison settle as they fit their space.

Built-in Planters – Think ‘Green’

One of the hottest interior and exterior design styles is the “farmhouse.” It represents a way for urban homeowners to feel like they’re bringing more natural elements into life. Even in an area like Madison where neighborhoods vary tremendously there’s a lot on concrete and pavement. You like the idea of putting some “greenery” in your daily life to escape the highways and parking lots, right? So do the majority of your friends and neighbors.

A well thought out plan for your property including hardscapes and landscaping not only adds to your family’s enjoyment, it boosts curb appeal – and eventually, resale value. Buyers are attracted to homes with clean, well-defined outdoor spaces. While patios and walkways are high on a list of property highlights, among the first thing passersby see are planters and landscaping. Flowers, shrubs and decorative grasses lead the way. Installed in a raised bed or planting area well-defined by pavers or stones, they provide a clean, inviting picture.

Combining hardscape elements with natural landscaping creates a space that’s both functional and visually appealing.

Professional Design For Perfect Paver Planters

Whether your plan is to give the property a “face lift,” add family-friendly features or make better use of open space, consulting a professional is a wise choice. The addition of a hardscape can be anything from a basic poured concrete patio to extensive retaining walls, walks and built-in features – stairs, multi-level seating areas, fire pits and elaborate accommodations for plants of all sizes and shapes.

What’s your pleasure? Your vision for the yard dictates where we begin – simple or dramatic? It’s a good bet that there are more options than you’re aware of. That’s one good reason to give Marvin Martinez at Marvin’s Brick Pavers a call at 608-630-8855. Or contact him via email at – Marvin’s crews are experienced and skilled when it comes to the installation of hardscapes of all kinds – concrete pavers, bricks, stones and decorative poured concrete. Put his years of experience and craftsmanship to work at your home. Be prepared to enjoy a new level of outdoor living among your new paver planters and hardscapes in Madison WI home.

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