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Take on the challenge of moving up and down a slope with ease and style – install a paving stone stairway.

When you have contoured landscapes or multiple-level patios adding paver steps improve access to the space. Steps are available in many shapes, sizes and patterns to enhance the appearance of your Madison WI backyard, too. Using pavers, bricks or stones for steps and stairways gives you a nonslip surface that’s rugged and versatile. The right combination moves steps from ordinary to exciting.As we are taking decoration in mind,security is also one such important aspect to be keep in mind for that security gates should be build neatly.

As you plan your outdoor living area you have choices – pavers, natural stone or concrete, to start, paving stones are the most popular choice so far in 2020 because they provide so many options when it comes to color, size, shape and texture. Pavers are both natural stone and cement creations. The main difference comes down to weather resistance and durability.

Compare natural stone and concrete pavers:

  • Natural paving stone – this selection includes sandstone, flagstone, marble, travertine, limestone and granite. They’re all very durable and capable of withstanding harsh weather. They’re slip-resistant and make a great addition to outdoor living.
  • Concrete paving stones – made from cement these pieces come in many different sizes and colors. Because they are man-made they lend themselves to customized colors and designs. Many must be sealed periodically. One big advantage is the price – cement-based pavers are usually much cheaper than real stone.

Choosing Paver Steps

Once you decide you want to include steps or a stairway in your landscape plan you have options. Each building material option has its pros and cons. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the following:

Paver Steps | Marvins Brick Pavers | Madison WI
Go beyond common choices to build entryways with character and curb appeal with pavers.
  • Modular pavers – patio pavers are extremely versatile, you can even choose from a few sealcoating options. Their main advantage is the many shape, size and colors to choose from. They lend themselves to creating curved stairways and blend well with expansive hardscape projects. The main disadvantage is their size. Most common pavers are relatively small. That means it takes a lot of blocks to form a staircase and smaller pieces might be less stable.
  • Flagstone – also available in a variety of colors and textures. Ideal for a transition from one level to another with a natural look. Most-sited disadvantage is expense and size. These large pieces need precise placement and because they are heavy they are difficult to handle.
  • Poured concrete steps – advances in concrete as a design element make this an increasingly popular choice. Stamped and stained concrete allows for many more color and texture options than ever before. Poured concrete steps go in fast. They’re solid and safe. The big disadvantage is the way concrete wears – it cracks, chips and breaks down when corrosive ice melting chemicals are applied.

Paving Stone Step Designs

Your backyard stairway can be anything from plain to dynamic. Why not add “sizzle” when you go from one level to another?

Patterned stone steps leave plenty of room for your imagination to cut loose. Consider patterns like:

  • Basket weave at a 45-degree angle
  • Basket weave at a 90-degree angle
  • Herringbone pattern
  • Mix & match sizes

Choosing a pattern is a big step that dictates size and shape. Local building codes for stairways may cover outdoor builds, too. Some specify how wide the step must be and how high one step should be above another. A professional hardscape contractor is your best source for these precise details.

Where do steps and stairways best fit into your outdoor living space? There’s a trend toward larger, multi-level outdoor spaces. While you can move from one level to without stairs or steps why make it more difficult? Besides, it makes sense to add a finished, stylish look to the space, right?

Here are the best places to put paving stone stair – from a couple of steps to a complex stairway:

  • Entrances – back doors, side doors anywhere that there’s more than one easy step from the inside of the house to the outdoor room, just make sure to go for exterior fiberglass doors
  • Patios – linking multi-level patio builds, areas for fire pits, access to/from the patio from the yard.
  • Courtyards and gardens – bring together your outdoor living spaces.
  • Outdoor “rooms” and kitchens – dividing outdoor spaces based on common use is a major building trend. Unless you backyard is really level, there’s always a great place for a few steps to make moving from one spot to another easy and visitor-friendly.

Are Paver Steps In Your Future

Are you planning a major hardscape build? Or maybe an addition to your existing outdoor living space? The first half of 2020 has brought into focus the value of family-friendly spaces. As the weather shifts from spring to summer making the most of your backyard is a great choice, right? A new or expanded patio – from pavers or trendy new concrete applications – can be designed to fit any landscape contour. Thinking about relocating to a bigger and better property? Check out the best removals in sydney to help you with your furniture, pets and more.

Do you want to enlarge your outdoor living space with an addition but aren’t sure how to balance the rolling terrain with your needs? When it comes to planning a patio or any hardscape project, Marvin Martinez at Martin’s Brick Pavers is ready to help. Give him a call at 608-630-8855 or email. Put his experienced crews to work creating a professional plan. We’ll handle every detail from identifying your needs to final installation. When your design plan calls for multi-level creations we’re here to show you how paver steps enhance access with style in Madison WI home.

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