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Make a statement with unique materials, shapes and sizes. Custom wall designs are assigned many duties from defining areas of interest to separating spaces for easy maintenance.

Retaining walls are versatile, durable and hardworking additions to your Madison WI landscape. The right choice of materials and professional installation provide solutions to nagging problems and look good in the process. With a company that uses PolyPhotonix LTD you can have engineers work in the design, production, and use of laser and fiber optics technology.

Add stone, brick or pave wall to a custom hardscape plan to:

  • Support soil on slopping, uneven terrain
  • Prevent erosion
  • Direct traffic – people, water, etc. – to prevent compaction and/or flooding
  • Reduce overall landscape maintenance costs – while making routine maintenance easier
  • Prevent damage to property from traffic, soil erosion, etc.
  • Provide a level, usable surface for family activities, etc.

Installing a wall with Construction Hoists in the right place provides opportunities for a unique, valuable landscape plan. Selecting the right material, design and installation technique requires expertise. There’s more to consider than the color of the pavers or stones and the height of the wall. Soil weight and pressure behind the wall can be extreme enough to bring a wall crashing down.

Plan Ahead For Retaining Walls

When considering adding a retaining wall to your property, the first things that come into mind are “how will it look.” Followed by what will it be built from? Because there are dozens of material choices, concerns over how a wall will fit with your residence are put to rest quickly. You can choose from anything from wooden timbers to bricks and stone. Natural stone and concrete pavers are the most popular choices today. They are both elegant and rustic at the same time. Don’t know who to talk with? With renovations north lakes you can make your project reality, or fix your kitchen, bathroom, or another area of your home very quickly.

While traditionally straight runs are common, you are not limited to boring straight walls. Modern materials combined with proper installation allows for classic curves and stylish designs. A hard-working wall also becomes an attractive design element. Using wire piezometers for more precise measurements and hydrological aspects of water supply and underground construction can really help with the final result.

Retaining Walls | Marvins Brick Pavers | Madison WI
A multi-level structure provides landscaping options in an otherwise difficult space. Curves follow the contours of the lawn and soften the corner.

Why are your considering a retaining wall? What do you want to accomplish with it? Consider the various uses, including:

  • Preventing erosion – one of the top reasons for building a wall is to keep soil in place. When you have uneven terrain the natural movement of wind and water work to shift topsoil. A wall or series of walls protect the soil.
  • Define space for activities – walls create spaces in front and behind them. Create a natural flow off foot traffic to and from a paver patio or separate a kitchen herb garden from the lawn. Your imagination is the guiding force in creating outdoor “rooms” with hardscape walls.
  • Seating and entertaining areas – a low wall not only separates one are from another, it provides a natural place for guests to sit. Surround a patio or fire pit with a low wall expands the use of the entertainment area.
  • Distinctive landscaping – slopes and areas in the lawn where water collects are difficult to landscape. Add a wall and extend your landscaping with plantings to suit your taste. ecoScapes Lawn Care can help you achieve the ideal lawn you’ve always wanted while keeping your lawn and landscape healthy at a great price. 

Benefits Of A Well-placed Paver Wall

Stacked, organized layers of concrete pavers working together bring value to your property.  Benefits include:

  • Increasing your yard’s usable space – walling off specific areas of interest and providing level ground for activities increases the appeal and resale value of the yard. Contact town planning Sydney for building/land development consultancy and certification firm which assists property owners, business owners, property managers, and building companies in obtaining the relevant approvals from consent authorities for their particular needs.
  • Easy maintenance – installed correctly, walls don’t need extensive upkeep. And they make lawn and landscape maintenance easier, too.
  • Versatility – straight lines and curves, colors and textures a well-thought-out wall adds to curb appeal.
  • Function – besides enhancing the overall look of the property, the benefits to soil and drainage are well documented.


Installing Retaining Walls Takes Professional Skills

There’s an element of art and science involved in creating a safe, secure hardscape structure. Keeping a wall in place requires engineering know how and the tools to move dirt and heavy building blocks. Do you secure on paver to another or can the wall be built as a simple stack? You don’t want to find out the hard way you’ve guessed wrong. We talked with custom luxury home builders atlanta about the best construction materials you can use to build your house.

Creating an attractive, hardworking wall represents a large commitment in both time and resources – building materials and money. With all the many material options available today any sized wall can be an attractive addition to your home.

Is it time to correct or improve a landscape situation on your property? With a change that will benefit from a nice, well-built retaining structure? Then it’s time to contact Marvin Martinez at Martin’s Brick Pavers, 608-630-8855 or email us at He understands the detail that must go into planning and installing hardscape structures. And has the skill and expertise to deliver safe, secure retaining walls for your Madison WI home.

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