A seating wall is an ideal way to provide easy-access resting places anywhere in your outdoor living space. These versatile walls are often built into paver patios to define and separate activity areas. When you want to stabilize a slope or define a space in your Madison WI backyard – ideal for surrounding a fire pit – look closely at a wall doubling as a bench. Make your project come true with https://www.mtecscaffolding.com/case_study/scaffolding-london/ professional building contractors.

Seating Wall | Marvin's Brick Pavers | Madison WI
Defining the space and focusing attention on the unique fire pit, this wall includes planters and seating.

In southern Wisconsin patio furnishings take a beating from extreme weather. Therefore, it is no surprise that the popularity of built-in seating has exploded. I recent years it has stayed near the top of the most desired patio features in surveys completed by the American Society of Landscape Architects. Sitting walls are in demand. Why? Because anyone who enjoys their outdoor living area recognizes the convenience and instant access they provide. Additionally, these low walls control slopes in an uneven yard and define transition spaces – creating outdoor rooms.

A Seating Wall For All Seasons

Homeowners come up with dozens of reasons these walls are in demand, including:

  • Good looks – a custom wall defining outdoor rooms while providing seating allow the use of materials to complement patio styles. They are a way to bring new textures and colors to the scene.
  • The serve – not only do the walls look good, they are available “right now” when family or friends want a place to sit. At the same time, they protect your landscape from extreme water runoff and distinguish planting areas from traffic.
  • Reduced demand for furniture – when entertaining on the patio normal day-to-day seating may not be enough. Rather than making room for more chairs or crowding the outdoor space the walls are in just the right place. Rain, snow and damaging sun and heat have little or no impact on stone walls so they outlast furniture. With a comfortable wall to sit on a patio or garden path holds its attraction even when there are inches of snow on the ground. You aren’t likely to make use of patio furniture in January, but a wall seat makes a nice stop on a winter walk. Transform your backyard into the living space you’ve always wanted with patio furniture from the experts at Patio Furniture Store Long Island.
  • They pull it all together – whether straight or curved, tall or short a wall can unify a yard as well as divide it. Walls not only direct traffic from place to place, they direct the eye and add emphasis and impact.

Basic Design Thoughts

Seating Wall | Marvin’s Brick Pavers | Madison WI
Providing seating and a backrest for visitors enjoying this custom fire pit a wall fits perfectly into the backyard design.

The name makes it clear these walls are built for sitting. Ideally, they are from 18 to 24 inches tall with a nice, smooth top cap that’s about a foot wide. Most are at least four feet long but can be as long as your overall design dictates. You make them as long or short as you want. Their shape is up to you as well. If your paver patio is curved a sitting wall to match makes sense. To create conversation areas and define several spaces, two or three small walls are often better than one long one. Looking for a retaining wall builders company to hire? You can check this one out that will always use the best construction materials for your house.

Your space determines the best design. Your choices include:

  • Creative use of texture – using patio blocks and pavers that are different from the ones creating the patio floor and walkways offers creative opportunities. The impact can be subtle or dramatic. Contrasts come from changes in size and texture – tumbled blocks or smooth, concrete or natural stone, etc.You can improve your floor style with Polished Concrete Seattle that will make your house look amazing.
  • Going with the flow – subtle curves that follow the contours of the yard define planting areas, support thin soil and separate spaces. A low wall wrapping a patio provides overflow seating while directing the eye to areas of interest. Curves add visual interest soften an otherwise hard surfaces.
  • Symmetrical ideas – squares, right angles and unique shapes are all possible. Including columns at the end of a wall add interest. Mixing the height of the wall – including taller sections serving as convenient tables – increases the wall’s versatility.

Ideal To Enhance Fire Pit Installations

Small walls surrounding a patio provide an added measure of safety – it’s a barrier to keep furnishings and people from slipping off the patio. That’s especially important for multi-level installations.

A low-level wall is also an ideal framework for decorative container plantings. Living plants or flower arrangements look great atop of stone, brick or pave block wall. The cap of the wall is also ideal for seasonal decorating and special treatment during parties and seasonal events – great place for an early season football tailgate!

The most popular theme for walls that provide convenient seats literally centers on fire pits. Fire pits are among the most sought-after features for hardscape additions. The wall itself reflects heat to provide a cozy environment. Overall, a wall provides seating for more people than the space holds traditional chairs. Pillows or cushions added to the top of the wall make the experience even better.

Adding low-voltage lighting at the base of the low walls and along nearby pathways makes the fire pit or patio even more user-friendly in the evening.

Consult Landscape Wall Professionals

Teaming with a professional to plan and install a versatile wall is a wise investment. Training, experience and skill with the proper tools make a difference. In addition, a professional team stands behind its work. Contact Marvin Martinez at Martin’s Brick Pavers, 608-630-8855 or email to explore unique and appealing seating wall designs for your Madison WI home.

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