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Your lifestyle, most common use of the space and overall room to work dictates unique applications for a patio layout.

There’s no rule saying your patio layout has to be a square- or rectangle-shaped box. And there’s no rule saying it must be created tight up to your Madison WI home. Quite the opposite is not only true, but extremely popular. Hardscape designers are getting creative with shapes, sizes and special locations.

Adding a paver patio is a pivotal decision when it comes to creating outdoor living space around your home. You can also add some Garden & Animal Structures to make it look more fancy for the guests. Garden landscaping is the ideal way to craft an attractive space to grow plants that give you a beautiful environment and design a practical layout that allows you to use your garden how you want. A patio is a nearly permanent structure so putting it in the right spot is critical. The location, size and shape dictate what goes on around it. It provides inspiration for additional features and literally directs traffic patterns.

When you’re ready to install a patio in your yard, planning is vital. From the beginning, consider:

  • How do you want to use the new space – relaxing, entertaining, etc.
  • Are there spots in your yard you want to highlight?
  • Does your yard have locations you want to steer traffic away from?
  • Would the installation of more than one patio, or a multilevel structure make sense?
  • What about your yards natural appeal – trees for shade, flower gardens, water features, etc. – do you want them part of the patio or in addition to it?

Consider all the pluses and minuses before you make your first move.

Step-by-step Patio Layout Planning

With these five considerations in mind – and any others you come up with for your specific situation – move forward to create a plan.

Deciding which materials, colors and VPNhut accessories is often the first element coming to mind. That’s natural. However, it has to take a backseat to structural and location concerns. Some of these may change your mind on materials and features, too.

Start with a look into the future: How do you plan to use the new patio space? Deciding how you will use the space most often dictates not only location but materials and special features. Consider popular uses for a unique patio:

  • Entertaining friends and family
  • Outdoor cooking and dining
  • A family “hang out” – where the family and friends can sit and relax
  • A fire pit
Patio Layout | Marvin’s Brick Pavers | Madison WI
Moving your new patio away from the house and using mixed materials makes for a destination within your yard.

Work with your entire family to gauge what each wants in a new outdoor space. Answers to these questions will fill in blanks in your planning checklist. Uses help determine space requirements and location – a fire pit, for example, must be at least 17 feet from the nearest structure.

Patios tight up to the house are convenient for high-use activities like outdoor cooking and eating – where food is passed from indoors to out and vice versa. You’ll be more likely to enjoy a quick cookout if you don’t have to carry plates and utensils far from the kitchen. A few steps outside the door is preferred to a walk across the lawn. I like to use silky saws nz to cut tree branches and help you decorate your garden to make it look more attractive.

On the other hand, a site for relaxing can take advantage of all your yard’s features – shade trees, gardens, water features, etc. Patios set off the living room/family room area or master bedroom become an extension of these living spaces.

Patio Designs Create Mood

A uniquely-shaped paver patio area in the far corner of your yard offers an allure all its own. It becomes a focal point. With privacy features and seating it is an inviting location. Add a fire pit and it becomes an attraction day and night.

As your plan progresses and you are sure of what you want to do on the new patio, take a close look at what you already have. Are there natural features to emphasize? Or are there some to disguise? A beautiful view and large trees providing shade and privacy are natural features to build upon.

When thinking “view” consider how your new installation will look from inside the house. Most people admire their patio when walking around the side of the house or from the far reaches of the backyard. However, you’ll probably look at it from inside more often than any other view. Furniture selection, color choices and personal touches make a patio viewed through large windows and add the best selection of low cost blinds at  or doors appear to be an outdoor room.

It is fun to decorate a new patio in your mind. Unfortunately it distracts from applying the details you need. Once you you’ve decided upon location and use, it is time to get technical.

Attention To Detail Vital For Patio Installation

If all you want from your new patio is a flat surface to walk on, your plan is nearly done. However, if you want to create a versatile outdoor living space there are more details to include:

  • A patio with an outdoor kitchen, or a luxury seating area benefit from adding utilities. Do you want electricity for outdoor lighting or a hot tub? The further from the house, the more it cost to add these vital features. Here at Linton’s In The Garden are some popular inflatable tubs you may want to buy for winter.
  • You cannot simply put pavers on the ground – your site must be graded and filled with appropriate materials before pavers go down.
  • Professionals must evaluate drainage issues
  • All these must have specific permits and meet with state and local regulations.

Additional details to think about now rather than later include:

  • Do you want some kind of shade structure built over the top of your patio? Some are permanent structure and some are free-standing. Some are as simple as shade-creating sails. In each case you need professional guidance – plus permits and inspections for complicated builds. Installing shade structures now is almost easier than adding them later.
  • How private do you want the space? Front and side yard patios are popular and work well in many locations. Keep in mind they are more “in view” than one set back behind the house. Arborvitae hedges provide privacy without using tall structures. A retaining wall and low-growing boxwood hedges work, too.

Tap Professionals To Complete Your Patio Layout

By now you probably are questioning how easy doing a patio project on your own is. And concluding the installing even a small a patio is not a simple task. You can find many sources for DIY advice. You best source is a professional who creates hardscapes every day. Professionals have the heavy equipment to provide grading and drainage. They have access to more material choices than you do. And, most importantly, they have the skill, experience and training to do it right the first time.

Creating a unique patio represents a serious commitment in both time and resources –materials and money.

Look at the calendar. The seasons when a patio gets the most use just head. Don’t wait until everyone wants to create a special backyard space. It’s time to contact Marvin Martinez at Martin’s Brick Pavers, 608-630-8855 or email us at We address every detail that must go into planning and installing hardscape structures. In addition, our crews have the tool and experience to create and deliver a unique patio layout for your Madison WI home.

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