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Details in design and installation elevate this patio creation to a true extension of everyday living space.

Size doesn’t matter when fitting a paver patio into your backyard because versatile concrete pavers work anywhere. Big yards, small yards, slopping yards, side yards you can create a patio design to fit your Madison WI home.

There are alternatives to consider for your backyard structure. Pavers along with poured concrete and wooden decks are the most popular competing options.

Concrete Pavers Stand Out

As you evaluate the options for your backyard structure, consider these elements of paver installations that set them apart:

  • Unmatched good looks – pavers come in many colors, shapes and textures. Working with pavers is an artistic venture as mosaic creations blend with your home’s exterior. Patterns and colors enhance your outdoor living experience every day.
  • Durable creations – installed correctly, concrete pavers maintain their beauty and strength for years, regularly outlasting other alternatives, plus we offer many options, including the best driveway pavers Madison WI can give its community. 
  • Easy care – factory-made pavers last for year with little or no maintenance. Stained or broken pavers are easy to replace. Professional installation insures longer life.
  • Safe surface – pavers feature safe, slip-resistant surfaces making them idea for patio areas, walkways and pool decks.

Planning A Paver Patio Design

Concrete Pavers | Marvins Brick Pavers | Madison WI
Color, shape and size all contribute to making this pathway an inviting entrée to the backyard space beyond.

Working with a huge backyard means almost unlimited options but most Madison area backyards are not huge. That means creating a patio design for a more confined space is the challenge. Besides, most people want a combination of hardscape and green landscape.

Taking on the challenge of expanding your lifestyle into an outdoor living space begins with a plan. Begin your plan by asking:

  • How will I use the space? – if your goal is entertaining you’ll need walkways, seating areas, lighting and convenient traffic flow from one space to another.
  • How much privacy do I need? – That’s achieved with hedges, fencing or walls, you can design beautiful fences with a steel post driver.
  • Is it important to match the existing architecture? – contemporary designs have sharper, uneven lines while traditional looks are symmetrical. A rustic style home is accented by a natural, rolling and less structured layout.
  • Is color important? – few options can provide the striking color combination available with concrete pavers.
  • What about maintenance? – some people enjoy “yard work” while others want to enjoy the yard. Your patio design contributes to controlling the amount of yard work required.

Fit The Design To Your Lifestyle

When you meet with your paver specialist there are details to cover. Before you begin picking out colors and shapes, consider:

  • Build to fit – you don’t want to overpower a small space so it’s wise to look at a variety of small pavers as well as larger ones. A combination of sizes often works well.
  • Create a smooth flow – the goal is to mix your inside life with the outdoors, therefore creating a natural flow from one space to another is vital. Create visual and physical pathways and sightlines.
  • Don’t restrict the view – walls, structures and plantings are important to focus your vision but don’t overlook the overall view of your yard and surroundings.
  • Keep it clean – provide plenty of space for furnishings so the finished space doesn’t appear cluttered.
  • Consider a special touch – a modern patio creation includes many unique options. Consider those that make the space uniquely yours, including a water feature, fire pit, container plantings, custom seating areas, outdoor lighting, outdoor art and sound and/or video systems.

As these elements come together, make sure there are avenues for family and guest to enjoy them. That means planning paver paths and walkways to create interesting and versatile connections from one space to another.

Concrete Paver Pros Guarantee Success

Choosing the right professional to plan and installation your project is a critical decision. Skilled craftsmen not only have the training and proper tools to do the job, they guarantee their work. Contact Marvin Martinez at Martin’s Brick Pavers, 608-630-8855 or email us at for professional patio design and the best concrete pavers for your Madison WI home.